Content is king.

Welcome to his realm.

Cryptofans demolishes the barriers between its users and makes social bonds more robust. We encourage people to support creators with crypto and get a one-of-a-kind experience as a reward.

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Social network you can trust.

Cryptofans platform arrives proudly waving the flag of decentralization. It brings a censorship-free environment for fostering superb-quality content. It dismisses all algorithm-centric and attention-seeking features of web 2.0 social platforms. Instead, it offers what matters to people — the freedom to express themselves and get crypto for their work.

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Features for the flawless experience

Premium content

Exclusive, high-quality content is Cryptofans’ center of gravity. Every action on our platform is taken to fuel producing the best possible content. Stunning videos, mesmerizing photos and various kinds of pushing-boundary arts are only fragments of what you can dig up here.

NFTs market

Cryptofans is the place to be when it comes to NFTs abundance. A lot of popular creators generate masterpieces of digital collectibles on this platform. Buy them. Negotiate. Earn by reselling them.

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Own content and authors

This is where you can find "my precious." But here is the better part — no need for being greedy. There is plenty for everyone. Find your content of choice and feel the pleasure of holding something unique. Want more? Own your favorite authors!

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Terminal velocity and zero-gas transactions with Polygon

To unite lightning-fast and cheap transactions, we have chosen Polygon — a Full-stack scaling solution colossus as our closest ally. Polygon brings ETH compatibility, high throughput, and the most fluid user experience across blockchains.

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Available on every platform

Yes, on every. No need to enumerate them. Install a browser on your Samsung Toaster Oven, connect to Wi-Fi, type or download the app, and voilà.

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Cryptofans Token

Cryptofans token

Cryptofans Token is a virtual gem with authentic power. It brings a bunch of benefits and enables smooth sailing across the platform.


The profit from every previous quarter will be redistributed to our holders. Fans, Creators, and investors are more than welcome to stake CFTs to get dividends.


Paying with Cryptofans Token keeps wallets full. With the transaction fee being halved comes equal privileges for both creators and fans. Pay less, earn more — the most straightforward philosophy.

Deflationary model

This model means the total amount of tokens is a priori determined. With the number of tokens decreasing over time, their price will go up. Deflation implies scarcity, and scarcity creates value.

Want to know more?
Read our Whitepaper for the platform and technical details.

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Thinking is good. Doing is even better.

If you find the Cryptofans idea beautiful and intriguing, we must warn you that it isn’t just an idea anymore. Our engineering team already rolled up sleeves and started transforming the concept into a completely functional platform. We are expecting to launch a public release in Q4 2022.


Q2-Q4 2021

Concept formulated by Petar Popović

Initial team assembled

Version 1 of Whitepaper is released

Development begins

The landing page goes live

Q1 2022

Setting up transparent development page

MVP of Cryptofans web prototype released

Mobile app POC completed

Q2 2022

Alpha version is released (Invitation only)

ICO platform goes live

Q3 2022

Beta Version is released

phase 2 of Cryptofans web app to be released (1st creators joining the platform)

Q4 2022

Production release! 🥳

Anybody can join the platform. Most of the features from the whitepaper are released

Version 2 of whitepaper released

“Raising Star Fund” founded

Fund for newcomers to the industry that are paving their path on our platform

Q1-Q4 2023

New platform features

Trading on multiple-exchanges

Wider decentralization of the platform


Keeping community in the loop.

As we proudly emphasize transparency as one of our core values, we want to provide Cryptofans users more than big words. Accordingly, our users will continually get detailed information about the platform’s progress, new features, and plans on a dedicated page for that purpose.