Our Mission

Bring the theoretical benefits of blockchain into everyday life.

Our Vision

A decentralized world in which people fully adopt blockchain advantages and utilize them in everyday life.

Our Values


Being bold in our vocabulary stands for "destroy all fears and gladly take a risk." But one won't encounter a foolish bunch of gamblers here; we take "all in" only when our greatest passion drives us forward. And when it occurs, everything is doable. To put it simply: First, we dare. Then, we do it until we are done.


Lie corrupts. People, relationships, processes, and systems. Even a little lie can snowball and eventually become a lie avalanche. All things considered, we chose honesty as our primary weapon, even if it hurts sometimes.


We are infatuated believers that transparency is key to the world becoming a better place. We start with being transparent among us as teammates. Then we want to spread that virtue in every corner of our platform, so every user feels it. That's our "think globally, act locally."


Uncertain times call for uncertain building trustworthiness. We perceive this value as a supreme virtue that comes up from uniting all other values we share. For us, this is the very foundation for building a more connected and organically growing blockchain community.


We know what happened to a poor cat. But we are not afraid to ask a question and not ashamed of not knowing something. We love "what ifs," "for dummies," "eli5s", "please, show me", and "can you teach me." We know that we know nothing (thanks, Socrates), but we are eager to learn at least something.

Continuous learning

Learn something new every day, no matter how insignificant it seems. Focus on processes and knowledge accumulation rather than instant results. It might appear slow, but it's the fastest way to amaze yourself. Brilliance is an extraordinary gift, but persistence always wins in the long run. Always help others to grasp the same.


We value and attract creative heads and lateral thinkers prone to search for answers beyond conventional boundaries. We cherish sharp intellect as the go-to tool for solving the most complex challenges. Our tribe is a cohesive and synergetic force, but like-minded will be welcomed with arms wide open.


We believe being kind is an exceptional human asset. Only genuinely self-confident and brave individuals behave respectfully with everyone, especially those they disagree with. Kindness complements honesty — we stick to the truth, but our actions are full of empathy.

Meet the Team

In charge of bringing Cryptofans into reality.

Petar Popovic

Petar Popović

Founder & CEO


Petar's enthusiasm for crypto started in 2014 when he contributed by translating bitcoin.org through the Transifex platform. Shortly after, he started his engineering journey. In 2017, he began to work in a blockchain company and routed his career towards building an impactful blockchain startup. Former stuntman and adrenaline junkie. Practices climbing, snowboarding, skiing, and other extreme sports and physical activities.

Cedomir Rackov

Čedomir Rackov

Co-founder & CTO


We all know that one person who started programming as a kid. Čedomir is one of them. Besides, he has been obsessed with Ethereum programming since 2016, when very few could imagine how big it will become. Essentially, Čedomir is more a computer scientist than an engineer. Still, his rich industry experience made him an obvious choice for team-leading positions in companies he worked for.

Vladimir Prsendic

Vladimir Pršendić

Lead Fullstack Engineer


If IQ shows how smart someone is, he is the cleverest guy in a room. In any room. Once he tried to measure his brilliance quotient, but the standard Mensa test failed shamefully. In order not to be a one-trick pony, he accompanies his out-of-this-world IQ with enviable engineering experience and work ethic one rarely encounters.

Igor Radovic

Igor Radović

Senior UI Engineer


King of dad jokes, chess, table tennis, and kickboxing. There's no physical or mental activity where Igor doesn't shine. But don't think he's all about the play. His ability to manage time and sense of responsibility is why projects Igor works on never suffer, even though one may rarely see him in his cubicle. Hint: He's probably in the gym.

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